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May the Eucharistic Christ, through Mary, reign in all souls as He desires!


Prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, and Faith Formation


We promote devotion to Jesus Christ, the Living God,
present in the Holy Eucharist. Consecrated to Mary,
fortified through prayer, the sacraments and daily
faith formation, we witness our love for Christ,
one another and our Roman Catholic faith.


Faith Formation as a Prayer Advocate and through the Kolbe Ministries:
Eucharistic Adoration Mini- Retreats and Know Your Faith series.

  2. EUCHARISTIC ADORATION MINI-RETREATS (temporarily cancelled)
  4. EVENTS:
      Faith Formation classes also include prayer and Catholic fellowship

The Kolbe Eucharistic Apostolate is under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Maximilian Kolbe.


The KOLBE EUCHARISTIC APOSTOLATE originated in 1996 in the form of the monthly Kolbe Eucharistic Mini-Retreats held at St. Brigid's Parish, Toronto, under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Maximilian Kolbe. The Quo Vadis Prayer Group (1995) also offered a more intimate gathering for Kolbe members. In 2006 the Apostolate began offering faith formation and catechesis classes with the Know Your Faith Series which deal with scripture or pertinent topics of our Roman Catholic faith, always faithful to the Magisterium. Due to the sudden death through cancer of the Kolbe Apostolate's main foundress - Maria De Manche (August 15, 2016), and other unforeseen events, the Eucharistic Mini-Retreats have temporarily stopped. However, the 'Know Your Faith' series continues to grow under the spiritual assistance of Fr. Charles Anang (our spiritual advisor from St. Augustine's Seminary) and the kind patronage of the parish pastors of Holy Cross and Blessed Trinity Parishes.

The Kolbe Eucharistic Apostolate's KNOW YOUR FAITH Series has offered courses on:

2006:Spring:Studying and Living the Divine Mercy Devotion
Fall:A Survey of the Old Testament
2007:Spring:A Survey of the Old Testament continued
Fall:the Gospel of Matthew.
2008:Spring:The Gospel of Matthew cont’d
Fall:the Acts of the Apostles (a special study during the Year of St. Paul)
2009:Spring:The Acts of the Apostles cont’d (the Year of St. Paul)
Fall:A Survey of Church History
2010:Spring:A Survey of Church History cont’d
Fall:Credo: Pray, Learn and Live the 12 Pillars of our Faith
2011:Spring:Credo: Pray, Learn and Live the 12 Pillars of our Faith cont’d
Fall:The Holy Mass: preparing for the new English Mass translations
2012:Spring:A Study of the Holy Mass through Scripture, Patristic and Church teachings
Fall:Porta Fidei: Conversion & Rediscovery of our Faith
2013:Spring:Year of Faith: Models of Holiness - the Saints (I)
Fall:Year of Faith: Lumen Fidei; "Be My Witnesses"
2014:Spring:Models of Holiness - the Saints (II)
Fall:'Prayer from the Heart': Scripture: using Lectio Divina, Ignation Meditation + Contemplation
The Passion of Our Lord: Praying scripture ‘from the heart’
Salvation History I: Book of Genesis; Pray Scripture 'From the Heart'
Fall:Salvation History II: Books of Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges and Ruth; study & prayer
2016:Spring:Year of Mercy: Salvation History III:
Books of Samuel: 1+2 and Kings: 1+2; study & prayer
Fall:Salvation History IV: The Prophets of the Exile – Hosea, Jonah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel
2017:Spring:Salvation History V: The Exile, the Return and the Maccabean Revolt: The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Malachi and Maccabees
Fall:Salvation History: The Psalms: The School of Prayer
2018:Spring:Salvation History - The Psalms: The School of Prayer - Part II
Fall:Salvation History: The Gospel according to St. Matthew - Part I
2019:Spring:Salvation History - The Gospel according to St. Matthew - Part II
Fall:Salvation History - The Gospel according to St. Matthew - Part III
2020:Spring:Salvation History - The Gospel according to St. Matthew - Part IV
Postponed until further notice due to Covid